Full Moon Meditation

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I’m back with another post. The topic for this article is regarding full moon and it’s relation to meditation.

Cycle of the moon has been used for many different types of calendars in the world. In China, there are a few festivals that are being celebrated during the full moon or new moon of that particular month. The same can be said for many other countries, races, religions and communities. In some tradition, the full moon is regarded as an ominous time, where all evil goes wild. In another, the full moon is regarded as an opportunity.

One explanation that can be given for this is that during the full moon, the light from the Sun is fully reflected to the Earth. Hence, the beings on Earth are able to fully harness the energy of the Sun during this 5 days period ( 2 days before, 2 days after and day of). During this period all types of energies are being magnified, whether they are good or bad. That is one of the reasons that this is regarded as an ominous period. However, for spiritual aspirants or people pursuing spiritual path, this is an opportunity to bring down a substantial amount of divine energy, which helps them in their spiritual development.

Knowing this, we should take the opportunity to do a full moon meditation, whether as a group or individually. Of course, meditating as a group has a greater effect as group will is generally stronger than individual will. Do you know that if 7 people meditate together as a group, it brings down the same amount of energy as 100 people meditating individually? How amazing will your meditation be if you think about it? More information about this can be understood in Basic Pranic Healing.

As mentioned, the energy magnifies all the good and bad energies in our system and on Earth so it is highly recommended to purify yourself before the meditation. This post has provided a very good to do list to prepare yourself for the meditation.

Next on, which meditation to do? In Pranic Healing, the recommended meditation to do in Twin Hearts meditation. Why? Not only does this meditation cleanses and energise your energy body to a certain degree, but it also provides the meditators with channels to do service to the Earth energetically. As part of the meditation, we are guided to bless the Earth using the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi before moving on to the OMs to receive the divine blessings. However, it is really entirely up to your preference on which mediation to do.

For more information on full moon meditation, Lucis Trust and Esoteric Studies has great articles on this topic.

Do let me know if you have meditated during full moon before and if you have noticed the difference, what are they? I would love to hear about it from you. Please leave me a comment and send me a message at  .





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I hope everyone has been well. A month ago, I posted an article about the benefits of forgiving and finally, I completed this post on some methods we can use to assist us in forgiving people. This post has been delayed on my part because (I admit) of my procrastination.

Firstly, I have to mention that each person and each issue are different. Sometimes, even with effort, it takes time to finally be able to forgive and forget things. When this happens, I highly suggest that you continue until you are finally free of the negative emotions.

Remembering the Event

This is not exactly my most favourite method, but it works on a lot of my friends so I will still share this.

Firstly, take a few deep abdominal breaths to calm yourself and continue with the deep abdominal breathing throughout the session .

Try to remember to event, the chronology of the event, and the emotions you had when it happened. Feel the emotions and identify all of them. They can be sadness, grief, anger, hurt, frustrations. Identity all of them.

Then one-by-one, from a third person point of view, be aware of the emotions. It’s ok to feel them but do not force yourself to feel or remove them. By being aware of those emotions, you will notice that the emotions will subside and slowly disintegrate. However, when you try very hard to feel or remove those emotions, you are unconsciously energising those emotions which will multiply the negative feelings.

This works a lot better when you understand that you are not the body but a being that animates the body. This in turns makes you realise that you are not the emotions either because you are the being that produces the emotions, which means you can also disintegrate those emotions at your will.

Forgiveness prayer

This is the method that I learnt in one of the courses in pranic healing called Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul. This prayer is really simple and easy to do but the effects are amazing. I am not able to reveal the exact procedure, but this works too.

Firstly, think of a happy moment, focus on your heart then focus on your crown. Then, visualise the person or people in front of you. Raise both of your hands in a blessing position in front of your heart and say (while still focused on your heart and crown):

Atma Namaste

I salute the divinity within you

We all make mistakes

I forgive you for your mistakes

I forgive you for all the hurt and pain caused by you

May you be forgiven for your mistakes

May peace be with me and you


(repeat this 7x)

Pranic Psychotherapy

We are taught how to disintegrate all negative emotions and thought forms in our body, auras and chakras (energy centres in our body) in Pranic Psytherapy class. If you have not taken this class, you can pick it up after completing Basic Pranic Healing and Advanced Pranic Healing class. If you do not wish to take the class, you can contact the Pranic Healing Centre near you for a healing. For people in the time zone GMT +8, I am willing to provide a free healing. Please contact me if you need one.

Meditation of Twin Hearts

When doing meditation on twin hearts, your heart and crown chakra will be activated. This will fill your body and aura with loving energy which will purify the negative energies in your body. This meditation also helps to flush out all the negative energy in your auras and chakras. Prolonged practice of meditation on twin hearts will help you to be more happy and light. When you are happy, it is easy to forgive people.

If you would like to read more on forgiveness, I would recommend to visit this page and this page.

That is all for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions. My email address is at the About page.




Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga – Part 2

Hi guys! I hope everyone has been well. I’m back with the second part of the article.

I shared how I came to this school. In this post, I would like to provide more light on what we learn in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga was founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. I have to clarify that he founded the school. The teachings and practices are not new. In fact, the human kind has been practising them since hundreds and thousands years ago. What Master Choa has done to to scientify the teachings so the human civilisation nowadays will be able to assimilate and accept the teachings from the great ancient teachers.

What is Pranic Healing?

In short, pranic healing is a no-touch, no-drug energy healing modality. This is possible with the understanding that all living beings has energy body that penetrates inside and outside of the physical body which is the duplicate copy of the physical body. In addition, they are also interconnected. It means that what happens to the energy body, happens also to the physical body and vice-versa.

When the physical body is sick, the energy body will not be in a normal state either. Generally, it means that the energy body of the affected part is either depleted or congested. Below is a illustration of the explanation.


To solve this problem, the healer will then clean and energise the affected part accordingly. When the energy body is healthy, the physical body will follow through. This healing modality is s good complement to the existing medical practice as it helps to accelerate the healing process of the patient.

I have to note that in no way will pranic healing replaces the medical practitioners. If you are sick, please still go to the doctor. Pranic healing can be used to accelerate the recovery of physical illness, emotional and mental illness. For more information on pranic healing, please contact the Pranic Healing Centre near you.

What is Arhatic Yoga?

Arhatic Yoga is a synthesis of various types of yoga that includes, purification, meditation and breathing techniques. These techniques are used to help to balance your life to be a better person.

With constant practice of Arhatic Yoga, we can accelerate our spiritual development due to the heavy downpour of spiritual energy during the practice. In addition, practitioners are also expected to study not only books written by Master Choa Kok Sui, but also many other esoteric books. By reading also books written by Masters of other spirituals schools, we are guided to read these books with the right discernment and not to believe everything blindly.

In addition to study, we are expected to reflect of our daily activities. This is to reflect on our wrongdoings and how we can do better in the future, to praise ourselves for having good jobs done,  and to give gratitude to all the good things we have received for the day. By doing this, not only are we aware of our weaknesses and correct them, but it also helps to build a healthy level of self-esteem.

To me, the experience with Arhatic Yoga is different from person to person. In addition, it is also depending on the constancy of our practice. Overall, this is the class I would recommend to people who would like to go into spiritual path while still staying grounded to operate properly in their daily lives.

More information on what is Arhatic Yoga can be found here.

As always, please leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions.

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Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga – Part 1 (My Journey)

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For the post this week, I would like to share or introduce you all to Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. I have mentioned both in some of my posts and I believe I have to explain what they are and how they play a part in everyday life. As the post will be really long, I will be distributing the post into a few parts.

Firstly, let me share how I came to know of Pranic Healing. I was introduced to Pranic Healing by a colleague of mine in 2014. At the time, I was feeling stressed and was looking for a place where I can learn to do meditation. I did quite a lot of research on meditation courses, but I could not find any that seems to suit me.

In order to make sure I go to a proper course, I asked my colleague who has been doing weekly meditation on Twin Hearts at his Feng Shui school if I could join their meditation session. However, the session was provided only to the Feng Shui students only so I could not join.

Weeks later, he told me about a 2 days course conducted by the meditation instructor. Without much thought, I registered for the 2 days course thinking that I would be meditating for 2 whole days. I was wrong, but I gained something more from those 2 days than I had expected. Of course, I only found out about the benefits months later.

Anyway, I had (still do) a very healthy young body. No physical sickness whatsoever. However, I was able to feel the energy and was able to see the air and sun prana which was really fascinating so I believed that energy healing modality was real. We were given a book (for the healing protocols and other important informations) and a CD of the meditation on Twin Hearts which we did during the class.

I have to admit, I was not very impressed. I could not appreciate the teachings. Hence, I put the book and CD away still in the packaging and move on to Buddhist meditation.

A few months later, during the last 4 weeks of the buddhist meditation course, I was happy with the result. Emotionally, I have become much lighter and I have become a much happier person. However, as how human nature works, I was not satisfied. I felt like only part of me was filled, but I tried to make do with it.

In the same week, while I was chatting with the colleague who introduced me to Pranic Healing, I told him about about my dissatisfaction and he told me about a higher courses called Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level which I might be interested in. Immediately, I went on to the internet a look up this course. However, there are pre-requisites to be completed before I could qualify to take the class. After completing the pre-requisites in 2014, I eagerly waited for the class and finally took it in May 2015.

Since then, everyday has always seems like a blessing. The school fulfilled most of my non-material wishes. I was given priceless spiritual teachings, an outlet for my wish to contribute to mankind (by volunteering) and a happier, simpler life. Of course, there are always obstacles in life, but I have been prepared to face the challenges without any fear. I was taught about the law and nature of life and with these teachings, any obstacles is another test to overcome to be a better man.

Next week, I will share about Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga so please come back next week for the continuation of this post!


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Everything is subjected to change

“Everything is subject to change. Nothing lasts forever.” – Master Choa Kok Sui in Experiencing Being Golden Lotus Sutra. 

As the title say, the topic I am discussing this week is about change and permanence. To me, these two words are always interlinked. One will not exist when the other is.

Growing up in a Buddhist family, I was always reminded that nothing is permanent. Everything is subjected to change. It means that all the success and wealth that we are enjoying today, they are subjected to change. You might say that those wealthy people are always wealthy. Some of them seems to always stay at the peak of their success after achieving it. However, you should know they do not stay at the same place. Their wealth might decrease and increase every seconds of the day.

My mother would always tell me to save up and not spend all my earnings so that when I go into the lower points of my life, these savings will be able to tide me through them and lighten my sufferings. This has helped me in many ways throughout my short 25 years of life. However, if you look deeper into her advice, she’s unconsciously telling me that my life is not permanent. That everything changes. I will not always be able to earn as much as I am earning now. I will earn more someday and I will earn less on other days.

Ok, we have been focusing on the not so good stuff. How can we use this revelation into something positive? One advice I like to give to my husband whenever he bumps into trouble is that nothing is permanent and we will pass through this test. It means that life was hard at but we know for sure that things will turn better as long as we do our part. As long as we do not just sit still, doing nothing, things will get better. Why? Because nothing is permanent. Sometimes, the hard times are longer and other times, they are shorter, but they will pass for sure.

This got me thinking too. What would I want to reminisce when I’m old and wrinkly? Would I want to remember the good old days when I was healthy and young or would I want to remember the good times I had while volunteering? The satisfaction they bring me. Would I want to proudly say that I have left a mark with my blog and make fun of them for being so silly?

How about you? What would you want to remember?



Service for humanity

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I’m back with another post and I hope everyone has been well. This post is regarding service. I have to say that I had the idea of writing this due to the Arhatic Yoga nurturing session I attended last night. Well, on the day this is published, a week has passed. 😀

Anyway, service is one of the pillars in Arhatic Yoga. Service means to do something whether physically, emotionally or mentally to alleviate the sufferings of others. For Arhatic Yoga prep graduates, we are required to complete at least 3 hours of service per week. Of course, nobody forces you to do anything. However, it is good complete this task every week for our spiritual development.

The session we had last night with a senior trainer has opened my eyes to the word service. Many people in school taught that participating in healing camps and volunteering in healing camps is the only ways to fulfill the hours. However, they have forgotten the essential part of doing service. Since the purpose of service is to alleviate the suffering of others, healing should be done from the heart. In helping others, you have to feel the love and the will to help others in your heart. This way, we will always do our best to help them. Of course, with this type of mindset, you will generally be happy and satisfied with your job. This in turn will encourage you to do more service.

I understand that what I mentioned my feel a little cliche, but why don’t we sit down and think about things all of us can do to alleviate the sufferings of others.

Physically, we can partake in donations to people in need (whether money, food or shelter). Emotionally, we can use more encouraging words. Giving praises to people at the right time will not only motivate them to do better but it makes their day better. Just smiling to the next people in the left or greeting them nicely will make their day better. Mentally, we can pray for the people who are in need to help. Victims of man-made or natural disaster.

We can try to make the effort of doing at least one service per day in addition to avoid hurting others.

This will be all for this week. It’s more like a food for thought instead of a proper post, but I hope you still enjoyed it.

As usual, do let me know if you have any questions at the comment below and send me an email to ask.

Thanks and with love.