Introductory post

Hi guys,

My name’s Yoshe. I’m a 25 weeks pregnant mummy in Singapore. The reason the blog’s name is Wifi’s blog is because it’s my husband’s nickname for me. He said because wifi signal is Omm..nipresent (means present everywhere).

Anyway, I thought I should start with a blog because I’m starting to get more and more emotional these days. The reason could be pregnancy hormones or some other things and I thought it’s healthier to let them out rather than keeping them bottled up. It’s better for the baby too 😀

Of course, I will try to make this blog as informative as possible as I do plan on expanding this blog further to include my spiritual aspects of life. Hopefully, I will work hard to make this blog as interesting and informative as possible (with some occasional ranting) so I hope you enjoy them.

As my first post, I will only update some basic information that will hopefully be useful for future reference. Please let me know if you require further details in the comments or email me if you would like it to be private.

From the first examination when I found out I was pregnant (which was 12 weeks along the pregnancy), I have always stayed with Dr. Tan Poh Kok at Serangoon Central. He is a very friendly and approachable doctor. He is comfortable to work with and the plus is his clinic opens 3 times a week after office hours so I never had to take any leave for my check-up.

Being petite all my life, I gained about 6kgs in total to date. Many people say that I gained too little weight and my belly is too small for being 25 weeks pregnant, but me and my baby are growing normally without any complication. My doctor always assured me of this during each visit.

I was a vegetarian before my pregnancy, but I have recently started to consume meat (except pork and fish without scales) in small quantity due to personal reasons.

I do take care of my diet but not to the point of limiting myself to only certain food. I do love pizzas but I try as much as possible not to go for fast food restaurants and try to find healthier replacements when those cravings come.

In addition, I am also a practitioner of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. With pregnancy, it’s a more toned down practice but I still practice like most other Arhatic Yoga practitioners. This practice has really helped in toning down the emotional roller coaster and the morning sickness. It also gives me the additional boosts of energy that I need ( I’ve become a sleeping pig these days) to go through the day in great stamina.

Hopefully, I have given enough background of myself in this introduction post. I will post further update soon!


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