Benefits of forgiving

Hi guys,

Another week has passed and I’m back with another post. I hope everyone has had a great week. If not, that is OK. Something good will come in the future.

The post this week is about forgiveness. I know a lot of people has trouble forgiving people. I have the same problem too. But do you know why it is so difficult to forgive people who has hurt you?

I learnt that someone will ony be able to hurt you emotionally when you care. Whether you care about the thing or that someone. However, we do have the choice to forgive and forget their deeds or holding on to those horrible feelings.

Why should we forgive? Those people has hurt us so much. If possible,  you want them to feel what you felt or (be more dramatic) you want them to go down on their knees and apologize. Maybe you want them to turn everything back to how it was before.

So, what are the benefits of forgiving people?

Less thing to distract you from more important things

When you don’t forgive people, this matter will disturb you for at least a few days. This makes you lose focus on other things that matter. In the worst case, it might even cause imbalance in your emotions and in turn causing illnesses or disease.

Less factors that stops you from doing that you need to do

You might not feel angry when the matter is not brought up, but you get upset and agitated whenever anybody brings up the matter or you see the person or things that triggers the memory. This will not be a good emotional position to go into a new venture or relationship causing you unable to do the things you would love to do. Being emotional when making important decision will only lead to making the wrong decisions that might cost you or even the people around you.

Less people you do not like

After forgiving people, you will not feel anymore hatred towards that person. You might still be avoiding him/her but it will be easier to be in the same room as the person without thinking about throwing angry glares at them.


Become a lighter and happier person

When you have decided to forgive a person, more often than not, you will feel much lighter. Like a heavy burden has been removed from your shoulder. This will make your days happier and good.

That was all the benefits that I have experienced from forgiving others (it can be your relative, family members, co-workers or even somebody on the road). It makes life so much easier.

I will be sharing some methods to forgive people in one of my future posts. I hope you have enjoyed the article and find this useful and encourage you to forgive others. Do let me know if you have any questions in at the comment or write me an email.

Thanks and with love.