Pregnancy – Tips for morning sickness that works for me

Hi guys!

I’m here to share my experience with morning sickness. I have to admit, mine was not too bad. Having a history of gastritis, I’m pretty confident with my ‘skill’ of pretending I’m feeling fine. This history also helps me to manage my morning sickness and bloating without having to resort to medication.

1. Eating in smaller portions but more often

Being pregnant, you have to feed yourself enough for your baby. This does not mean eating for the portion of two (or three if you’re having twins ;)). In fact, our disgestive system works slower while pregnant. This is one of the reason for feeling bloated.

By eating more often in smaller portions, you make sure that you do not leave your stomach empty (preventing bloatedness) and you will still be able to eat enough for both mommy and baby.

2. Lemon juice after vomiting 

This is a tip that was suggested by my Mother-in-Law to help with the acid reflux. I know you’re not going to believe me because lemon juice is actually sour.

After doing some research, I found that lemon juice helps to alkalinise the stomach which is especially high in acidity after vomiting.

To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure how it works, but it helped to settle my stomach after puking and I was able to get a good night sleep after consuming it.

3. Avoid cold food on empty stomach

I noticed that whenever I consume cold food or beverages on empty stomach, it causes me to feel more bloated.

Having warm or room temperature food is more comforting to the stomach.

4. A small bottle of essential oil  to carry around

I purchased a bottle of essential oil that I used to use for headache and tummy-ache when I was back in Indonesia. This oil has a pretty sharp smell that helps me to calm my stomach whenever I feel like vomiting.

I will put a drop of a tissue paper, fold it and hold it over my nose. I have to be careful of getting the oil directly onto my nose because this will case my nose to feel so hot.

The oil is made of some peppermint, menthol and some other types of essential oil. I’m not sure what is the name of this oil so I will put a picture of it below.

Another brand that I like is called “Minyak Kayu Putih” or white tree oil by Ayam Brand. This one has a softer smell and it reminds me of childhood which is very soothing, in my personal opinion.

Another method of using this is by rubbing the oil between my hands and spread it over my stomach. They will warm up after a few seconds. For headache caused my morning sickness, you can rub a little oil of the temple of your head and the back of your neck (wherever you feel stiff or uncomfortable, except the eyes). Kindly note that this oil is for external use only so please do not consume it.

They should normally be available at the drugstore or Chinese medicinal store, but if you can’t find something like this in the area, Vicks Vaporub will be a good enough substitute.

5. Breathing through your stomach (Pranic Breathing)

This is a method of breathing that I learnt at Basic Pranic Healing. It is called Pranic Breathing. To do this properly, you have to put your tongue at the palate while doing the breathing. Firstly, take a deep breathe, hold, exhale, hold and continue. Do make sure that you are breathing using your stomach instead of using your chest.

I like to do this breathing while on the car due to motion sickness which has gotten worse during my pregnancy.

Well, that is all the tips I can give which I have tried for morning sickness. I hope these tips could help you in any way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me via email.

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