Benefits of forgiving

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Another week has passed and I’m back with another post. I hope everyone has had a great week. If not, that is OK. Something good will come in the future.

The post this week is about forgiveness. I know a lot of people has trouble forgiving people. I have the same problem too. But do you know why it is so difficult to forgive people who has hurt you?

I learnt that someone will ony be able to hurt you emotionally when you care. Whether you care about the thing or that someone. However, we do have the choice to forgive and forget their deeds or holding on to those horrible feelings.

Why should we forgive? Those people has hurt us so much. If possible,  you want them to feel what you felt or (be more dramatic) you want them to go down on their knees and apologize. Maybe you want them to turn everything back to how it was before.

So, what are the benefits of forgiving people?

Less thing to distract you from more important things

When you don’t forgive people, this matter will disturb you for at least a few days. This makes you lose focus on other things that matter. In the worst case, it might even cause imbalance in your emotions and in turn causing illnesses or disease.

Less factors that stops you from doing that you need to do

You might not feel angry when the matter is not brought up, but you get upset and agitated whenever anybody brings up the matter or you see the person or things that triggers the memory. This will not be a good emotional position to go into a new venture or relationship causing you unable to do the things you would love to do. Being emotional when making important decision will only lead to making the wrong decisions that might cost you or even the people around you.

Less people you do not like

After forgiving people, you will not feel anymore hatred towards that person. You might still be avoiding him/her but it will be easier to be in the same room as the person without thinking about throwing angry glares at them.


Become a lighter and happier person

When you have decided to forgive a person, more often than not, you will feel much lighter. Like a heavy burden has been removed from your shoulder. This will make your days happier and good.

That was all the benefits that I have experienced from forgiving others (it can be your relative, family members, co-workers or even somebody on the road). It makes life so much easier.

I will be sharing some methods to forgive people in one of my future posts. I hope you have enjoyed the article and find this useful and encourage you to forgive others. Do let me know if you have any questions in at the comment or write me an email.

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Meditation for Emotional and Physical Well Being

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I’m back with my another post.

In this post, I would like to share about my experiences with meditation, both physically and emotionally.

There were 2 meditations that I was introduced to in the beginning of my spiritual journey. The first one is a Buddhist mindfulness meditation. In this meditation, we were initially thought to relax our body in order to understand that we are not the body. The body (rupa) is just a vehicle for the mind (nama) to attain enlightenment.

I was thankful to be able to know this meditation at the time. By practising this meditation for around 10 minutes every morning everyday, I had very deep sleep and always wake up feeling refreshed. In addition, my mind was always alert during the day and I felt emotionally lighter. The reason I stopped practising this meditation is because I found the school of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga which I feel more connected to, in terms of teachings and the practice.

The second meditation I was introduced to in Twin Hearts Meditation for Peace and Illumination. I was introduced to this meditation when I took up the Basic Pranic Healing course. I was not as enthusiastic about this meditation in the beginning as I am now maybe because I was not having any difficulty at all. In addition, 10 minutes feels a lot shorter compared to 20 minutes plus exercise.

However, I found more of the benefits of Twin Hearts Meditation the more I practice it. The science behind Twin Hearts meditation is that our body has energy centres called chakras. By activating certain chakras, you are utilising certain types of energies. In this meditation, the two chakras being activated are Heart chakra – which is the centre for human love, such as love for your family, friends, relatives, pets, and other people you know. The other chakra being activated in the Crown chakra, which is the chakra for divine love, such as love for mother earth, for mankind and other beings. Some benefits of practising Twin Hearts meditation:

  1. Feeling peaceful and calm
  2. Helps to disintegrate unnecessary thought form resulting in clearer and sharper mind.
  3. A form of service to Earth due to the blessing done during the meditation.
  4. Better relationship with people around you especially if done together.
  5. Boosts of energy

Above are the more commonly known benefits of this meditation. Of course, there are more that you will be able to find out if you join the courses.

For me, the most noticeable improvement I had is that it helped to regulate my menstruation cycle when practised regularly. Emotionally, I have become more loving and understanding when faced with certain difficult situations.

During pregnancy, I practices more of Twin Hearts Meditation for Psychological Well-Being. This meditation is introduced only when taking the Pranic Psychotherapy course. With the help of this meditation, my emotion has been more balanced and I don’t get agitated as much as when I don’t practice this.

If you asked me which meditation I prefer, I would say Twin Hearts Meditation. However, each meditation has their own benefits and it is really up to the practitioner to choose the right meditation for them.

Please let me know if you would like to try out any of the above mentioned meditation for yourself. The schedule for Twin Hearts Meditation is at the upcoming events calendar. For the mindfulness meditation, please click here for more details.

That is all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the article and it is helpful to you.

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Thank you!.


Pregnancy – Tips for morning sickness that works for me

Hi guys!

I’m here to share my experience with morning sickness. I have to admit, mine was not too bad. Having a history of gastritis, I’m pretty confident with my ‘skill’ of pretending I’m feeling fine. This history also helps me to manage my morning sickness and bloating without having to resort to medication.

1. Eating in smaller portions but more often

Being pregnant, you have to feed yourself enough for your baby. This does not mean eating for the portion of two (or three if you’re having twins ;)). In fact, our disgestive system works slower while pregnant. This is one of the reason for feeling bloated.

By eating more often in smaller portions, you make sure that you do not leave your stomach empty (preventing bloatedness) and you will still be able to eat enough for both mommy and baby.

2. Lemon juice after vomiting 

This is a tip that was suggested by my Mother-in-Law to help with the acid reflux. I know you’re not going to believe me because lemon juice is actually sour.

After doing some research, I found that lemon juice helps to alkalinise the stomach which is especially high in acidity after vomiting.

To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure how it works, but it helped to settle my stomach after puking and I was able to get a good night sleep after consuming it.

3. Avoid cold food on empty stomach

I noticed that whenever I consume cold food or beverages on empty stomach, it causes me to feel more bloated.

Having warm or room temperature food is more comforting to the stomach.

4. A small bottle of essential oil  to carry around

I purchased a bottle of essential oil that I used to use for headache and tummy-ache when I was back in Indonesia. This oil has a pretty sharp smell that helps me to calm my stomach whenever I feel like vomiting.

I will put a drop of a tissue paper, fold it and hold it over my nose. I have to be careful of getting the oil directly onto my nose because this will case my nose to feel so hot.

The oil is made of some peppermint, menthol and some other types of essential oil. I’m not sure what is the name of this oil so I will put a picture of it below.

Another brand that I like is called “Minyak Kayu Putih” or white tree oil by Ayam Brand. This one has a softer smell and it reminds me of childhood which is very soothing, in my personal opinion.

Another method of using this is by rubbing the oil between my hands and spread it over my stomach. They will warm up after a few seconds. For headache caused my morning sickness, you can rub a little oil of the temple of your head and the back of your neck (wherever you feel stiff or uncomfortable, except the eyes). Kindly note that this oil is for external use only so please do not consume it.

They should normally be available at the drugstore or Chinese medicinal store, but if you can’t find something like this in the area, Vicks Vaporub will be a good enough substitute.

5. Breathing through your stomach (Pranic Breathing)

This is a method of breathing that I learnt at Basic Pranic Healing. It is called Pranic Breathing. To do this properly, you have to put your tongue at the palate while doing the breathing. Firstly, take a deep breathe, hold, exhale, hold and continue. Do make sure that you are breathing using your stomach instead of using your chest.

I like to do this breathing while on the car due to motion sickness which has gotten worse during my pregnancy.

Well, that is all the tips I can give which I have tried for morning sickness. I hope these tips could help you in any way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me via email.

Thank you for reading the blog and please share this if you think this might be useful to somebody you know and do follow the blog to receive more updates.


Introductory post

Hi guys,

My name’s Yoshe. I’m a 25 weeks pregnant mummy in Singapore. The reason the blog’s name is Wifi’s blog is because it’s my husband’s nickname for me. He said because wifi signal is Omm..nipresent (means present everywhere).

Anyway, I thought I should start with a blog because I’m starting to get more and more emotional these days. The reason could be pregnancy hormones or some other things and I thought it’s healthier to let them out rather than keeping them bottled up. It’s better for the baby too 😀

Of course, I will try to make this blog as informative as possible as I do plan on expanding this blog further to include my spiritual aspects of life. Hopefully, I will work hard to make this blog as interesting and informative as possible (with some occasional ranting) so I hope you enjoy them.

As my first post, I will only update some basic information that will hopefully be useful for future reference. Please let me know if you require further details in the comments or email me if you would like it to be private.

From the first examination when I found out I was pregnant (which was 12 weeks along the pregnancy), I have always stayed with Dr. Tan Poh Kok at Serangoon Central. He is a very friendly and approachable doctor. He is comfortable to work with and the plus is his clinic opens 3 times a week after office hours so I never had to take any leave for my check-up.

Being petite all my life, I gained about 6kgs in total to date. Many people say that I gained too little weight and my belly is too small for being 25 weeks pregnant, but me and my baby are growing normally without any complication. My doctor always assured me of this during each visit.

I was a vegetarian before my pregnancy, but I have recently started to consume meat (except pork and fish without scales) in small quantity due to personal reasons.

I do take care of my diet but not to the point of limiting myself to only certain food. I do love pizzas but I try as much as possible not to go for fast food restaurants and try to find healthier replacements when those cravings come.

In addition, I am also a practitioner of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. With pregnancy, it’s a more toned down practice but I still practice like most other Arhatic Yoga practitioners. This practice has really helped in toning down the emotional roller coaster and the morning sickness. It also gives me the additional boosts of energy that I need ( I’ve become a sleeping pig these days) to go through the day in great stamina.

Hopefully, I have given enough background of myself in this introduction post. I will post further update soon!