Everything is subjected to change

“Everything is subject to change. Nothing lasts forever.” – Master Choa Kok Sui in Experiencing Being Golden Lotus Sutra. 

As the title say, the topic I am discussing this week is about change and permanence. To me, these two words are always interlinked. One will not exist when the other is.

Growing up in a Buddhist family, I was always reminded that nothing is permanent. Everything is subjected to change. It means that all the success and wealth that we are enjoying today, they are subjected to change. You might say that those wealthy people are always wealthy. Some of them seems to always stay at the peak of their success after achieving it. However, you should know they do not stay at the same place. Their wealth might decrease and increase every seconds of the day.

My mother would always tell me to save up and not spend all my earnings so that when I go into the lower points of my life, these savings will be able to tide me through them and lighten my sufferings. This has helped me in many ways throughout my short 25 years of life. However, if you look deeper into her advice, she’s unconsciously telling me that my life is not permanent. That everything changes. I will not always be able to earn as much as I am earning now. I will earn more someday and I will earn less on other days.

Ok, we have been focusing on the not so good stuff. How can we use this revelation into something positive? One advice I like to give to my husband whenever he bumps into trouble is that nothing is permanent and we will pass through this test. It means that life was hard at but we know for sure that things will turn better as long as we do our part. As long as we do not just sit still, doing nothing, things will get better. Why? Because nothing is permanent. Sometimes, the hard times are longer and other times, they are shorter, but they will pass for sure.

This got me thinking too. What would I want to reminisce when I’m old and wrinkly? Would I want to remember the good old days when I was healthy and young or would I want to remember the good times I had while volunteering? The satisfaction they bring me. Would I want to proudly say that I have left a mark with my blog and make fun of them for being so silly?

How about you? What would you want to remember?



Service for humanity

Hi guys,

I’m back with another post and I hope everyone has been well. This post is regarding service. I have to say that I had the idea of writing this due to the Arhatic Yoga nurturing session I attended last night. Well, on the day this is published, a week has passed. 😀

Anyway, service is one of the pillars in Arhatic Yoga. Service means to do something whether physically, emotionally or mentally to alleviate the sufferings of others. For Arhatic Yoga prep graduates, we are required to complete at least 3 hours of service per week. Of course, nobody forces you to do anything. However, it is good complete this task every week for our spiritual development.

The session we had last night with a senior trainer has opened my eyes to the word service. Many people in school taught that participating in healing camps and volunteering in healing camps is the only ways to fulfill the hours. However, they have forgotten the essential part of doing service. Since the purpose of service is to alleviate the suffering of others, healing should be done from the heart. In helping others, you have to feel the love and the will to help others in your heart. This way, we will always do our best to help them. Of course, with this type of mindset, you will generally be happy and satisfied with your job. This in turn will encourage you to do more service.

I understand that what I mentioned my feel a little cliche, but why don’t we sit down and think about things all of us can do to alleviate the sufferings of others.

Physically, we can partake in donations to people in need (whether money, food or shelter). Emotionally, we can use more encouraging words. Giving praises to people at the right time will not only motivate them to do better but it makes their day better. Just smiling to the next people in the left or greeting them nicely will make their day better. Mentally, we can pray for the people who are in need to help. Victims of man-made or natural disaster.

We can try to make the effort of doing at least one service per day in addition to avoid hurting others.

This will be all for this week. It’s more like a food for thought instead of a proper post, but I hope you still enjoyed it.

As usual, do let me know if you have any questions at the comment below and send me an email to ask.

Thanks and with love.