Full Moon Meditation

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I’m back with another post. The topic for this article is regarding full moon and it’s relation to meditation.

Cycle of the moon has been used for many different types of calendars in the world. In China, there are a few festivals that are being celebrated during the full moon or new moon of that particular month. The same can be said for many other countries, races, religions and communities. In some tradition, the full moon is regarded as an ominous time, where all evil goes wild. In another, the full moon is regarded as an opportunity.

One explanation that can be given for this is that during the full moon, the light from the Sun is fully reflected to the Earth. Hence, the beings on Earth are able to fully harness the energy of the Sun during this 5 days period ( 2 days before, 2 days after and day of). During this period all types of energies are being magnified, whether they are good or bad. That is one of the reasons that this is regarded as an ominous period. However, for spiritual aspirants or people pursuing spiritual path, this is an opportunity to bring down a substantial amount of divine energy, which helps them in their spiritual development.

Knowing this, we should take the opportunity to do a full moon meditation, whether as a group or individually. Of course, meditating as a group has a greater effect as group will is generally stronger than individual will. Do you know that if 7 people meditate together as a group, it brings down the same amount of energy as 100 people meditating individually? How amazing will your meditation be if you think about it? More information about this can be understood in Basic Pranic Healing.

As mentioned, the energy magnifies all the good and bad energies in our system and on Earth so it is highly recommended to purify yourself before the meditation. This post has provided a very good to do list to prepare yourself for the meditation.

Next on, which meditation to do? In Pranic Healing, the recommended meditation to do in Twin Hearts meditation. Why? Not only does this meditation cleanses and energise your energy body to a certain degree, but it also provides the meditators with channels to do service to the Earth energetically. As part of the meditation, we are guided to bless the Earth using the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi before moving on to the OMs to receive the divine blessings. However, it is really entirely up to your preference on which mediation to do.

For more information on full moon meditation, Lucis Trust and Esoteric Studies has great articles on this topic.

Do let me know if you have meditated during full moon before and if you have noticed the difference, what are they? I would love to hear about it from you. Please leave me a comment and send me a message at  .